MAN Diesel & Turbo: Turbocharged quotation generation


  • Portfolio: turbomachinery units, large diesel and gas engines
  • Turnover: approximately EUR 3.13 billion (2016)
  • Employees: approximately 15,000
  • Location: Augsburg (headquarters)
  • Internet:


MAN Diesel & Turbo sells turbomachinery units and large diesel and gas engines worldwide, amongst other things for use by the refinery sector, primary industry and the energy market. Customer enquiries are processed by around 150 employees at various locations. Affording consideration to the complexity and dependence of the individual product components in terms of configuration and quotation generation represents an increasing challenge. A camos CPQ solution was to consequently simplify the sales process.


Today, the PRIAMO (Price Assisting Mobile System) configuration solution developed by camos is used as standard by MAN employees for the creation of quotations. The decisive advantage is product modularisation, whereby products are divided into classes and component groups and allocated technical characteristics. Consequently, this ensures that only applicable components and characteristic attributes are configurable. The new system provides a uniform overview of all products and greatly simplifies the quotation process, which amounts to considerable added value given the 1,200 quotations produced each year.

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