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The camos CPQ forest

More trees are felled than planted worldwide! This is a problem, because without trees there would be no life on our planet.  We want to make a difference not only technologically, but also socially and ecologically. With the camos CPQ forest we want to set an example and plant trees together with small farmers in Cameroon. In this way we support them in preserving their livelihood and also help to absorb CO2 emissions worldwide. We give away the trees planted in the camos CPQ forest on special occasions.

Your seedling makes our planet better - socially and ecologically

  • Afforestation and conservation of biodiversity
  • Combating soil erosion and desertification
  • CO² compensation and thus reduction of the greenhouse effect
  • Help to improve the income of smallholders and their families

Follow the development of your tree in the tree diary

Each tree of the camos CPQ forest has its own Profil website with photos and updates about the tree, the small farmers, their communities and the reforestation project.