KONE: Quotations in a matter of minutes


  • Portfolio: sale, upgrading and maintenance of lifts, escalators and automatic doors
  • Turnover: approximately EUR 8.8 billion (2016)
  • Employees: approximately 52,000 (2016)
  • Location: Helsinki, Finland (headquarters)
  • Internet:www.kone.com


KONE AG lifts and escalators are in operation in shopping centres, office blocks and underground stations in cities throughout the world. Ensuring that they optimally fit into the respective building requires precise configuration. When KONE reached its limit with the existing configurator, camos was commissioned to develop a suitable CPQ solution. In particular, the solution had to optimise quotation processes and be integrated into the Salesforce and SAP systems.


Today, the configurator developed by camos supports the quotation process for new products, upgrades and service contracts. With premium efficiency and quality, quotes are now centrally produced within minutes on a stable platform. Successfully linking the solution to SAP and Salesforce has enabled continuous, automated processes.

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