CPQ at a glance

CPQ software (Configure, Price, Quote) is the digital link between customer and production. Core functions are product configuration (configure), pricing (price) and quote creation (quote). The software is consistently orientated towards the customer’s needs. It selects suitable products for each use case. 

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Customisation is becoming standard

Using a modularised variant system, standardised function modules can be intelligently combined to create customer-specific product variants. The product configurator of a CPQ system translates the customer view into suitable products and product features.

camos CPQ 365 features


  • Guided needs analysis (guided selling)
  • Configure products in an ecologically sustainable way
  • Plausibility and completeness checks
  • Explanation of rule violations
  • 3D product visualisation
  • Cross-selling & upselling

Configuration with camos


  • Engineer-to-order calculation
  • Extensive discount options
  • Subtotals freely available
  • Intercompany pricing
  • Approval workflow
  • Subscription Pricing

Pricing with camos


  • Customisable layout
  • Clear structure
  • Quote versioning
  • Multilingual quote printing
  • Clear comparison of quotes
  • Automated order creation in ERP

Quoting with camos

How you benefit from camos CPQ 365

More sales & profit

Rule-based workflows replace internal consultation & approval. The sales cycle is shortened by 28%. Sales efficiency, optimal pricing, cross-selling & upselling increase sales & profit. 

Customer focus

The customer, their needs and their customer journey take centre stage. The level of detail provided is tailored to their needs - and increased successively.

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AI-based configuration approach

Thanks to an AI expert system approach, variants do not have to be loaded in advance. The technically feasible product is created step by step throughout the configuration process, taking the rules into account.

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Modelling without any programming knowledge

camos CPQ 365 contains a modelling tool that can be used to establish and maintain product knowledge quickly and clearly, even for complex products.

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End-to-end process automation

camos CPQ 365 has standardised APIs for leading CRM & ERP systems. Data for confirmed quotes is directly transferred to the downstream ERP system.

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CPQ in the cloud

camos CPQ can be operated on-premise or as a cloud solution. Both solutions mean that sales teams benefit from a high level of performance and usability facilitated by scalable software architecture.

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Application scenarios

CPQ for sales

The sales team both in the office and the field use camos CPQ 365 as a quoting cockpit and offer complex and multi-variant products as reliably and quickly as standard products. They create quotes not only at their own workplace but also on a tablet during a customer visit.

Application scenarios

CPQ for sales

The sales team both in the office and the field use camos CPQ 365 as a quoting cockpit and offer complex and multi-variant products as reliably and quickly as standard products. They create quotes not only at their own workplace but also on a tablet during a customer visit.

Online configuration as self-service

camos CPQ 365 is also used by customers as a self-service solution for preparing quotes. For this purpose, the software is embedded in websites or portal solutions (example Liebherr) or integrated into the online shop with checkout option (example maxon). Guided selling and 3D visualisation enable intuitive product configuration.


Sustainable configuration with camos CPQ

CPQ not only enables digital sales, but also promotes the distribution of products with a high degree of sustainability. 
We see CPQ as a significant lever to counteract climate change.

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How customers use camos CPQ successfully

Today, employees can prepare a quote in three hours. In the past, this could take up to two days for extensive enquiries.

Ann-Kristin Kaltefleiter-Jürgens, Head of Sales Management

With the introduction of our online configurator, we succeeded in delivering custom engines to our customers within eleven working days.

Dr Luca Bongulielmi, Head of Business Management EMEA

camos CPQ has made our quote process more efficient in the long term too, as one-off special solutions and their components can be permanently adopted into the portfolio.

Denis Wagner, Configuration Tools Team Leader at Siemens Energy

We opted for camos because the CPQ solution already covers a large number of our requirements by default. For example, automated approval processes, the ability to audit and the traceability of configurations and calculations.

Sebastian Appel, Process Engineer and Head of the CPQ Project at NKT

The camos solution for mobile product configuration means that we save a lot of time and the customer receives their quote significantly sooner than they previously would have.

André Torke, Head of Sales Tools and Technology at DMG MORI

Thanks to camos, we now have stronger and deeper integration of CRM and SAP. Data flow accomplished.

Markus Lindner, Platform Owner, Process Solution Team Customer KONE AG

3D product visualisation

Create emotions with CPQ and 3D visualisation.

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Why camos

Experience: 200 successful CPQ projects make camos Europe’s leading cpq software provider.

Complete package: From consulting to implementation to personal support & updates.

Subscription model: Low start-up costs. Operational costs instead of investment costs. Needs-based use.

Clear focus: Specialisation in complex, multi-variant products.

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