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The information and purchasing behaviour for industrial products is changing. Expectations and behaviour patterns of buyers are being transferred from the B2C to the B2B environment. These three aspects are becoming more and more important from the perspective of the interested parties:

1. Buyers make investment decisions using information from the Internet.

2. Information on delivery times and prices is expected ad hoc.

3. The focus is on the customer and his requirements and not the product.

The new requirements for the information process also create new fields of action for suppliers of industrial products. These fields of action for digital B2B sales are the focus of the whitepaper:

Extract from the Whitepaper

Action Field 1: Relevant information at the right time

In the past, sales employees determined the flow of purchase-relevant information and ensured its availability in a suitable context. In modern, digital distribution, the prospective customer decides independently when he wants to have which information. With the right preparation, right timing and an agile provision of offer information, companies can distinguish themselves from the competition - especially because the products themselves are becoming increasingly comparable. For that reason, the focus is increasingly on the Customer Journey as a model for the continuous control of the offered information.

In this model, modern CPQ systems handle the entire digital sales process. The CPQ software suggests suitable product variants to the prospective customer using a guided needs analysis (‘guided selling’). This way, the customer is already included in the digital sales process at a time when his needs and initial solution ideas are already formed, but no preliminary decisions have been made yet. As the Customer Journey proceeds, the software successively offers more detailed product and offer information: starting with the initial information provided ad hoc and the price indication, it unerringly leads to the binding offer.

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The whitepaper provides insights into three further central fields of action for the digitalisation of B2B sales of industrial goods:  

  • You will learn how to convince emotionally. Even in a digital environment. 
  • You will receive instructions on how to ensure a consistent user experience - across all channels.
  • You will learn how short reaction times can provide you with a competitive advantage. 

Can you solve the 4 challenges posed by digital B2B sales?

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