Configure-price-quote platform from camos captures the mood of the moment

Stuttgart, 14th April 2021 – camos Software und Beratung GmbH has developed a holistic configure-price-quote (CPQ) platform that ensures their customers are ideally prepared for the future of B2B sales. The camos CPQ 365 platform specialises in complex, varied products and portrays all requirements for digital sales. Depending on the target group and user scenario, it is either integrated into the website or online shop as a guided selling module with a guided needs analysis. Here, interested parties can configure the product themselves, view all offer-relevant information or place an order independently. Alternatively, it can be used as an internal quoting tool by an in-house network of salespeople and retailers so that products can be configured, calculated and offered reliably and quickly.

When developing camos CPQ 365, the main focus was on the complete digitisation of the customer journey throughout the sales process. Steffen Lorscheider, Head of Development at camos, explains: ‘together with our customers in mechanical and plant engineering, the energy industry and other industrial sectors, we intensively focussed on the question of how B2B decision-makers will keep each other informed in future when complex goods are involved. We are convinced that digital procurement processes won’t stop, even for products in need of additional explanation. Digitisation will continue to increase in this area, with personal contact in the sales process moving further towards the transaction completion phase. It is even becoming completely obsolete in some areas, as even industrial goods are being procured via self-service more and more frequently. Contact bans during the current pandemic are further fuelling this development.’ These six success factors make the CPQ platform from camos a new hub and pivot point in this increasingly digital environment:

1. Customer Centricity
The platform puts the customer centre stage. They decide for themselves when they receive what information.

2. Guided Selling
Operation is intuitive so that the customer can configure their product online independently. A guided needs analysis offers support.

3. 3D Visualisation
A 3D visualisation of the configured product ensures that the customer visually gets to know the product and gets excited on an emotional level.

4. Budget Quote
The software offers the right support for each phase of the customer journey through the digital sales process. In the early information phase, initial information made available on an ad hoc basis and budget offers provide the customer with a rough budget framework.

5. Self-Service
The level of detail can be increased step by step until the binding quote. Self-service functions extend to a product purchase via an integrated online shop.

6. Use in the Cloud
With a modular, scalable software architecture, camos CPQ 365 is optimised for use in the cloud – the solution can also be operated on premise.

Steffen Lorscheider is pleased: ‘in camos CPQ 365, we are proud to have developed a quoting platform that solves the challenges of digital B2B sales and gives our customers a competitive edge. It makes our customers and their products visible in a digital environment and facilitates scaling in sales. Regarding usability and user experience, the software meets the high expectations that are increasingly being transferred from the B2C environment into the B2B environment.’

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