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Product configurator

A product configurator (see also variant management), also referred to as configurator, is a multifunctional software system applied as an interface between sales and value adding functions.

With a product configurator, complex products with many variants can be offered in a short time. Nowadays more and more successful companies use  product configurator software  to generate quotations. A further aspect is the immediate consideration of expertise from the development department without time-consuming request processes in the R&D sector. This ensures meeting frame conditions, such as the buildability.

The configurators are used as communication medium between the company and the customer. The supplier orientates himself towards the results of request processes and adapts the offer to the requests and needs of potential customers. In return, the customer receives a product specifically customized to his/her requests.

Types of configurators

In the sector of consumer goods / Business to Consumer (B2C)

Out of a few but relevant product features, the retail customer selects an optimal combination, which is still mainly manufactured in mass production.

In the sector of investment goods / Business to Business (B2B)

The customer has specific requests the sales department generates a customized complex configuration (with predefined modules) for.

Further information on the topic of product configuration see also  WIKIPEDIA.

Examples of products and branches, where a product configurator (for example . camos Configurator) can be used:

  • waste collection vehicles
  • exhaust technology
  • sewage treatment
  • agriculture
  • trailers
  • plants
  • plant construction
  • plants for industrial laundries
  • drive technology
  • fittings
  • superstructures
  • treatment technology
  • elevators
  • balancing machines
  • automation solutions
  • web guiding
  • construction vehicles
  • construction machines
  • construction materials industry
  • lighting engineering
  • brakes
  • office furniture
  • roof systems
  • diagnostic technology
  • dialysis machines
  • dosing pumps
  • rotary piston machines
  • lathes
  • rotary tables
  • printing presses
  • electronics
  • power generation
  • power transmission
  • energy conversion
  • extrusion machines
  • eccentric screw pumps
  • escalators
  • vehicle engineering
  • springs
  • prefabricated homes
  • mold construction
  • milling machines
  • gas springs
  • generators
  • gears
  • gripping technology
  • commercial kitchens
  • semi-finished products
  • house concepts
  • hoisting technology
  • woodworking machines
  • hydraulic excavators
  • industrial construction
  • industrial cranes
  • industrial knives
  • interior doors
  • IT services
  • IT systems
  • edge banding machine
  • sweepers
  • nuclear power plants
  • components
  • compression solutions
  • compressor
  • checkweigher
  • automotive engineering
  • cranes
  • cross cardan shafts
  • plastic injection molding machine
  • couplings
  • linear systems
  • bearings
  • truck trailers
  • machines
  • mechanical engineering
  • magnetic materials
  • measurement technology
  • machinery
  • mixing technology
  • assembly technology
  • engines
  • utility vehicles
  • omnibuses
  • optical components
  • paper manufacturing plants
  • palletizer
  • automobile
  • upholstered furniture
  • precision optics
  • precision steel pipes
  • precision rolling bearings
  • precision tools
  • test engineering
  • pumps
  • pump systems
  • cleaning systems
  • motor homes
  • semitrailers
  • switch cabinets
  • rail transport
  • locks
  • cutting systems
  • screw driving technology
  • screw spindle pump
  • vibration damper
  • security solutions
  • screen pack changers
  • clamping technology
  • special machines
  • special transport vehicles
  • stamped parts
  • plugs
  • control technology
  • extrusion products
  • current distribution
  • Smart Card industry
  • sun protection products
  • tablet presses
  • textile machines
  • gates
  • transfer routes
  • transformers
  • conveyer belts
  • driers
  • doors
  • door automations
  • door adjustments
  • turbines
  • valve terminals
  • connectors
  • compressor
  • loading equipment
  • packaging machines
  • distributors
  • devices
  • wall systems
  • water treatment
  • shafts
  • tools
  • tool construction
  • machine tools
  • campers
  • gear pumps
  • frames
  • cylinder head systems

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