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camos customising and coaching service

Our consultants guide you through the process of creating a customised CPQ solution from our standard modules.

Our experienced consultants support you in modelling your products and implementing your specific solution requirements to ensure the successful introduction of the CPQ software.

We show you how to map your project portfolio within our CPQ solution – as modular as conceived by your R&D, as scalable as your company goals demand and as effective and sustainable as you would expect an investment to be. Our consultants understand your needs and create concepts, modify approaches and apply 'best practice' methods in the development of the CPQ solution.

In essence this means:

  • We qualify your staff within the scope of established training programmes.
  • In resolving the various modelling challenges, we work together with you to develop solutions that achieve the best-possible implementation.
  • In close cooperation with you, we draw up modelling and development guidelines to aid your modellers and developers.
  • We support you to ensure your requirements are optimally implemented within the CPQ solution.
  • Together with your staff, we draw up appropriate CI-compliant output documents.
  • Our experts cooperate closely with you to define individual user interfaces to create the best-possible user experience.
  • We answer your all your specific questions – regardless of whether about integration, implementation or your own developments within the camos solution environment.

The benefits to you are solutions based on standard camos modules that are tailored to your individual processes. Our knowledge transfer ensures your commensurately well-qualified staff are able to develop and keep the CPQ solution constantly up to date. Moreover, your knowledge remains within your company. 

Customised Solutions

Our CPQ solution covers a broad range of functions as standard. Nonetheless, we know that every company has its own special requirements. We are well-versed in CPQ processes within the mechanical and plant engineering segments as well as other sectors (link references) and are able to adapt and expand our CPQ software in line with your special requirements.

Experienced consultants cooperate with you to analyse your needs and design commensurately adapted solutions, which nonetheless constantly remain as close as possible to the standard solution. Our software engineers are experts in customising the CPQ solution and will develop the best solution for you under application of proven project methodology.

Our programmer guidelines ensure a high level of code quality and are consistently sustained together with good maintainability. In addition, we use code reviews to guarantee early intervention in order to preserve compliance with standard object-oriented paradigms.

You participate in our quality assurance measures from the very outset, drafting scenarios and criteria that support the development team and you in analysing the solution in accordance with identical and verifiable standards. As a consequence, you are consistently and securely guided towards the system successfully going live.

We provide support with:

  • Integration within CRM, ERP (particularly SAP) and PLM
  • Development of company-specific user interfaces
  • Generation of appropriate print outs
  • Definition and development of individual calculation algorithms
  • Visualisation of configuration results
  • Linking/incorporation of external programs, for example, to calculate or design components

Examples of customised camos CPQ solutions

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