Complex products clearly modeled with CPQ software

Product knowledge as a central factor for successful B2B sales

If the sales department can offer solutions that best meet the requirements of its customers and if the customer-specific solutions are configured in such a manner that they can be produced without custom production, then the company will be ahead of the competition. This challenge is faced above all by industrial companies that sell technically complex and multi-variant products such as machines or plants. This will be successful if the knowledge about the modular products is described centrally and transparently and the configuration rules are clearly formulated.

Business practice with need for optimization

Decentralized product knowledge complicates sales work. This is a painful experience of many manufacturers of complex and multi-variant products: Product knowledge is distributed over many areas and documented in systems without any connection to the sales or production process. This creates a great need for coordination, and sales processes drag on. The offers become prone to errors. Products with individual adjustments are the rule rather than the exception.   

Modeling tool creates structure

camos Software und Beratung GmbH develops one of the leading Configure-Price-Quote-Solutions (CPQ) for quotation generation and product configuration of complex and multi-variant products. With camos Develop, the customers of the software provider map their product and relationship knowledge across departments at a central point. The current release of camos Develop contains a new module, the camos Modeler, which visualises the complete product structure. The object dependencies are displayed clearly and adjustments can be made directly in the product model. For Dietmar Haupenthal, sales manager at camos, this is a quantum leap in product modelling. His experience from customer discussions is that modelling is perceived as much easier - even for complex products and systems.

Whitepaper: CPQ in mechanical and plant engineering - functions, trends & use cases

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