Because the SAP configurator reached its limits at KONE and they envisioned a solution with a graphic configurator, a new solution was provided. The camos CPQ played a significant role in this. In a video interview, Markus Lindner (platform owner, camos, global development, process solution team customer KONE AG, Vienna) reports on how a deep integration, inter alia, into the CRM system and SAP can be made because of the reliable and stable properties of the camos platform. With the new configurator, processes are consistent and run automated.

CRM focuses on an optimization of the customer portfolio in respect of the company value. CRM tries to provide criteria for customer satisfaction and economically oriented decision criteria.

CRM is generally engaged in systematically acquiring, analyzing, and linking data. The analysis and linking of data refers to single customers as well as to customer groups, which serve as basis for targeted strategies regarding customer acquisition, customer binding, and market niches.

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