Witzenmann: More product variations and greater process efficiency


Witzenmann metal hoses, bellows and expansion joints are used in a wide variety of areas – ranging from the connection of household gas cookers to industrial petro-chemical facilities. The variety of application scenarios is matched in equal measure by the variety of requirements. Witzenmann therefore manufactures products for the industrial business area individually or at most in small batches.


  • To enable the company to offer competitive prices and delivery times, Witzenmann developed its own product configuratoras far back as 2003.
  • However, the constantly growing company increasingly faced the challenge of configuring special product variations.
  • Witzenmann consequently placed its trust in the camos CPQ solution in order to expand the number of variations and streamline the process chain.
  • The FlexKo configurator developed together with camos was launched in June 2014.
  • Sales process lead times – from customer enquiry through to quotation generation and order processing – have been considerably reduced.
  • One essential reason for this is that inspection by the technical department has been totally dispensed with.
  • The number of variations has also been successfully expanded in accordance with requirements, with binding rules allowing for many more product versions that can now be accurately and reliably configured and manufactured. 

„The user volume has significantly increased both domestically and internationally. Continuous standard checking at every click provides employees with security and a direct feedback on the complete product cycle.

Nicole Geiger, system analyst in Commercial Applications at Witzenmann

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