camos Connect SAP: seamless SAP integration

The use of SAP is standard in many companies today. camos Connect SAP ensures that the camos CPQ solution is perfectly integrated into the SAP system.

camos Connect SAP delivers smooth bi-directional data exchange between camos CPQ and SAP ERP. The integration solution centres on SAP-certified technology developed by our cooperation partner APICON and provides a modular-based interface architecture.

From over 100 standardised SAP integration components, customers are able to select those best suited to their processes and data. Within camos CPQ, the relevant object data is represented in SAP®-compliant XML structures. camos Connect SAP processes the data in SAP®, where the requisite information is captured or booked in SAP® using standardised and/or customised integration components. The respective results are then transferred back in camos object structures via camos Connect SAP.

The requisite components can be adapted and installed within the implementation project according to individual need, which not only keeps work to a minimum, but also ensures consistent data flow.

camos Connect SAP at a glance

    • Bi-directional data exchange between camos CPQ and SAP ERP
    • Modular interface architecture with SAP Netweaver PI-capable integration components
    • Straightforward allocation and acquisition of features and commensurate values via a mapping tool.
    • Virtually synchronous and asynchronous communication possible
    • Avoidance of redundancies through the use of common data stock
    • Automated execution of entire processes 
    • Minimal amount of customising required due to application of a certified standard interface
    • Simple administration

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