Seamless integration of your CPQ solution - no problem with camos

Maximum benefit is gained when all systems are integrated. That is why our CPQ solution can be effortlessly incorporated into your system environment.

A CPQ solution facilitates product configuration precisely in line with customer needs, reliable price calculation and the rapid generation of high-quality quotations. Nonetheless, perfect functionality will only be achieved if the CPQ solution is seamlessly integrated within the existing IT infrastructure; effectively allowing retrieval of data from and forwarding of data to other systems. Such is the basis for a consistent digital business process throughout the entire valued added chain.

Camos CPQ is the starting point for digital business processes

Camos CPQ delivers an open system architecture under application of established standards and places prepared and certified interfaces at the ready. Bi-directional data exchange with other systems is possible using XML or databases (SQL) for example, while service-oriented architecture (SOA) can be established with web services. A special connect module has been developed for SAP integration in the form of camos ConnectSAP. Accordingly equipped, the camos CPQ solution can easily be linked to other systems – whether from Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP or other manufacturers – and is consequently the starting point for consistent digital business processes..

Automation using bi-directional data exchange

As an example, connecting the CPQ solution to the CRM system ensures the provision of holistic and targeted communication, while linking up to the PLM system or CAD solution enables product data, technical specifications and drawings to be retrieved and even added to quotations. Moreover, access to the ERP system ensures, amongst other things, that only up-to-date material data is used within the configurator.

Conversely, all project-relevant data is automatically transferred from the CPQ solution to the ERP system as soon as an offer is accepted. As a result, the subsequent processes are automatically triggered – the order is entered, stock lists are created and order processing is significantly accelerated as a result. The upshot is shorter delivery times, which represents a considerable competitive edge.

Integration within CRM and SAP is strengthened and intensified and the data flow effectively accomplished – all thanks to camos."

Markus Lindner, Platform Owner, camos, Global Development, Process Solution Team Customer KONE AG, Vienna

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