camos guided selling module

Guided selling increases sales

Find the right product variant without expert knowledge

The camos Guided Selling module drastically reduces the complexity in the quotation process for multi-variant products. Even without expert knowledge, it is possible to find the product variant that matches the requirements of the prospect early in the customer journey and to summarise the information that is relevant in this early phase of the purchase and decision-making process in the form of a budget quote.

Prospects without product knowledge are navigated step by step through the quotation process by asking questions that are consistently oriented to needs and use cases.

Based on the answers, the product variant that best fits the requirements of the prospect is suggested.

An initial budget offer with key product information and a first price indication provides a compact overview early in the customer journey.

Customer centricity

The focus is on the customer and his individual requirements.

Efficient quotation process

Sales staff efficiently find the right product - from the first day of work.

Consideration of the customer journey

Knowledge from sales and product management is played out at the right time.

Short reaction times

Initial price and product information are immediately available in the form of a budget quote.

Customer experience

Exciting buying experience creates competitive advantage.

New sales channels

Guided Selling enables e-commerce for complex and multi-variant products. 

Guided selling enables E-Commerce

Guided Selling for sales representatives

The new features also simplify the quotation process for the user group of sales representatives. The sales department is able to start a direct conversation with the customer that consistently focuses on the customer and his or her requirements. In addition, new sales staff with little product expertise can create technically correct quotations from the first day of work.  

1. Flexible Configuration

2. Plausibility Check

3. Guided Selling

Sales growth with guided selling by:

With the guided selling module, our customers offer technically complex products via their website or online shop. This is possible because prospective customers without product knowledge are navigated step by step through the quotation process with needs-oriented questions and can easily find the most suitable product for themselves. Afterwards, the prospective customer has two options: He can change the channel and send an enquiry to the sales department via a contact form in order to configure the details of the selected product together with the sales department. Or he can make the individual configuration himself and complete the purchase using a check-out functionality. 

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