camos Quotation - flexible and customised quotation generation

An informative, detailed and visually appealing quotation document is often the decisive factor in the sales process. Thanks to camos Quotation, precisely this kind of quotations can be generated at the push of a button.

camos Quotation is the quotation generating solution embedded within camos CPQ. The tool supports sales staff to rapidly translate configurations into convincing, binding offers with no errors and in an appealing format. camos Quotation automatically records the product components configured using camos Configurator and factors in the prices, also allowing manual recording of priced items and customer-specific expenditure and costs. The solution also delivers the flexibility necessary to determine all prices and terms individually for a specific customer.

A complete set of quotation documents at the push of a button

Camos Quotation draws on the available information to automatically generate a quotation document in the required defined layout. This includes general text modules, specifications for selected components including drawings, a detailed overview of individual prices and total price, other terms, delivery data and legal information.

Camos Quotation is also ideally suited for use by companies that have a multi-level sales organisation and globally distributed locations. This makes it possible for several employees to work on a quotation simultaneously, while all personnel involved have access to the same base of data subject to controlled work flows. In addition, camos Quotation supports multiple languages, so the user interface data and quotation documents are shown in the selected language. Camos Quotation gives you the ultimate in control over quotation positions, affording you a constant overview of the entire project.

camos Quotation gives you the ultimate in control over quotation positions, affording you a constant overview of the entire project.

camos Quotation at a glance

  • Automated transfer of data from camos Configurator
  • Fast navigation, even in highly complex quotations, thanks to well-organised presentation of the quotation structure
  • Price calculation based on different price lists (country-specific, for example)
  • Real-time pricing of individual quotation positions and continuous adjustment of total price calculation
  • Multi-plant quotation generation based on intercompany pricing
  • Recording of manual cost positions allowed for customer-specific items

  • Work flows for collaboration within multi-level sales organisations, including approval work flows
  • Flexible options for setting prices and terms
  • Generation of quotation documents to match corporate design layout integrating a wide range of elements
  • One single base of data for all personnel involved in the quotation process
  • User-friendly roles and rights administration
  • User interface and quotation documents available in multiple languages
  • Seamless connectivity to other systems such as CRM, ERP, PLM and CAD

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