camos Configurator - the solution for customised product configuration

In sales, it is crucial to be able to reliably configure the product to suit the customer. The camos product configurator (camos Configurator) accomplishes this sales task via a graphical user interface with a host of useful functionalities.

camos Configurator is the product configuration software inside camos CPQ. The tool helps sales staff configure technically complex products with many options to optimally meet customer needs. The necessary product parameters are systematically queried via a graphical user interface.

The desired components are successively selected to meet customer requirements, naturally taking into account knowledge of the product and relationship. This allows step-by-step tailoring of customer-specific products and quotations. Because of integration in camos Quotation, the running total price is displayed at every step to reflect the varying prices of individual selected components.

camos Configurator can be used flexibly, either as part of camos CPQ or as a stand-alone configuration solution – offline, online, on PCs or mobile devices. It is easily connectable with CRM, ERP, PLM, CAD and other systems, and can be made directly accessible to additional users via internet.

The simple and intuitive interface of camos Configurator is optimal for use with configurations ranging from simple to complex.

The simple and intuitive interface of camos Configurator is optimal for use with configurations ranging from simple to complex.

The camos Configurator at a glance

  • User-friendly graphical interface adaptable for specific user needs and type of device employed
  • Guided needs analysis ensures configuration to meet requirements
  • Easy and reliable configuration of complex and multi-variant products in line with customer specifications
  • Flexible and interactive configuration process in which the user is not bound to follow a fixed input sequence

  • Rule implementation preventing configuration errors
  • Informative explanations regarding impermissible configurations
  • Predictive plausibility checks to ensure the technical feasibility of product variants
  • Can be used offline and online, on PCs and mobile devices
  • Seamless connectivity to external systems such as CRM, ERP, PLM and CAD

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