camos CPQ - your CPQ solution for digital order processing

Reliably configure products, calculate customer-specific prices, quickly generate quotations: thanks to camos CPQ the quotation process is much easier.

Now more than ever, the job of the sales department is a highly demanding task. Customers expect sales staff to competently come up with a product tailored to their individual needs, to calculate a binding price and then quickly send them an informative and representative offer. At the same time, products are becoming more and more complex and multi-variant, increasing numbers of interdependencies and regulations require consideration and sales staff need an ever-expanding knowledge base.

Manage the quotation process with a single solution

The camos CPQ solution provides sales staff with a high-performance cockpit to manage the entire quotation process; from requirement capture, configuration and price calculation to provision of quote and accompanying communication. As a result, individually customised products can be offered as swiftly and reliably as standard products.

Enabling multi-channel sales

The camos CPQ solution does more than simply support your sales process. Using the technology as a basis, online configurators can be developed that enable your customers and dealers to configure their desired products in an Internet shop, receive price information and, consequently, initiate the order process.

Generate quotations anytime and anywhere

No matter whether you are working on your desktop at the office, with the customer on a tablet, in the hotel or on the move – the camos CPQ solution can be used anytime and anywhere. And if there is no access to the internet, no problem: quotations can also be generated and processed offline on your notebook. The files are synchronised with camos Replication to ensure that everything functions consistently.


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Your key benefits

Benefits of camos solutions at a glance

Optimum advice

Your sales staff are able to provide customers with optimum advice and put together the perfect product package.

Superlative user experience

Your customers see how their products are configured in real time – including via a tablet at their own location. This generates a superb user experience.

Faster processes

The entire quotation process is significantly accelerated; consequently reducing costs and providing the customer with a binding offer with the minimum of delay.

Professional presentation

All quotations are professionally and promotionally structured.

Continuous error checking

Errors in quotes are practically ruled out.

Ongoing checks

Product feasibility is continuously checked during configuration.

Managed configuration

Valuable expertise is available for all – for example, through guided selling.

Cross- and up-Selling

Interesting cross- and up-selling opportunities are presented to your sales staff.

Direct transfer

Data relating to confirmed offers is transferred directly to the downstream ERP system, thereby automatically triggering subsequent processes.

Camos CPQ module:

Product configurator for demanding tasks

Camos Configurator supports your sales team with regard to product configuration. As a result, in an ideal case scenario the customised solution is created directly in dialogue with your customer. Data relating to all further steps within the quotation process is entered into the system with one click.


  • Error-free configuration within the sales process itself
  • Relieve the sales department of the burden of routine tasks
  • Access all relevant configuration data at any time

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Create quotations with multiple options

Clear calculation parameters, defined scope for customised pricing and company-specific approval work flows. Camos Quotation provides the platform for presenting your customers with compelling offers – without time lags and subsequent adaptation of quotation documents.


  • Securely calculate ETO positions
  • Quickly generate complete individual quotations
  • Straightforward, cross-locational project cooperation

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